Monday, 1 August 2011

I'd like a Leica, but if not,
one of those nice new TVs'll do...

We found ourselves in John Lewis in Kings Rd today, for no other reason than to get out of the heat and have a bite to eat. But although the view from the sixth floor cafe is pretty spectacular, a chicken sandwich was a whopping £8.95, so we wandered down to the fourth floor camera department, going past some pretty massive flat screen TVs on the way, one of which I commented didn't have a very good picture for the price tag of just under 2 grand. Paul laughed, but as he laughs at most things I say, I didn't find it particularly unusual.

After ruling out buying a Leica and its cheaper Panasonic cousin we headed out past that aforementioned blurry TV. Paul stopped me, handed me some plastic glasses and although I realised what was coming, I didn't realise what was coming. 

When you get to my age, there's not really that many totally new and mind-blowing new things left to experience. Laugh if you must, but I have never seen a 3D film, never been to one, seen a clip, or worn those funny glasses. Bloody hell - WOW, WOW, WOW, it is a total new dimensional experience, if there's such a thing. There was a part when the footballer kicked the ball 'out' of the TV and I instinctively ducked. And a man walked in front of me right through some snowflakes that were drifting in my direction. Good God, no wonder babies are born with blurred vision; imagine if you came from the dark womb to full blown colour 3D. You'd pop straight back in.

The only downside of the whole experience was when the lift arrived to go downstairs, a woman stepped out thinking it was the sixth floor, so I said to her that she could always stay on the fourth floor and take a look at the amazing 3D TVs. I was still quite giddy from the whole experience. She looked at me quite disdainfully and said without a hint of humour, "I've already got one" and stepped back in the lift.  There's your Sloane Ranger right there. She was probably heading to the sixth floor for that £8.95 chicken salad sandwich!
I had to suppress my smirk, when she got back in the lift, which proceeded to descend to the ground floor. Duh, not so smart now, are you lady?

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