Thursday, 2 February 2012

I will sleep

Nights can be long and lonely in hospital. Sleep comes easy to the other patients; but me - I'm lying here, my mind racing at a hundred miles an hour. I want to sleep. I'm afraid to sleep. Ive been having some medical complications tonight, so I'm wide awake and scared. I crave sleep but I've also been having a recurring nightmare where I turn over in bed and my head rolls off my body, off the bed spinning towards the floor. But it never reaches the floor; it spins and turns in an endless spiral until I wake up gasping for breath and my heart pounding.
So I reach for my iPod and headphones and drown myself in goodness and recognise the immense power of music. So tonight, thank you Mr Springsteen for Thunder Road and Jersey Girl, thank you Steve Miller for Dear Mary, thank you Danny Baker for reminding me about Fleetwood Mac's beautiful and haunting Man of the World. And thank you Simone Felice (Duke and the King) for writing songs like One More American Song, If You Ever Get Famous and Union Street; your talent is immeasurable.

Tonight, you're all on my playlist carrying me to serenity, calm and slumber.
I will sleep. I will dream good dreams.

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