Friday, 3 February 2012

Moi? TV junkie? Whatever gave you that idea?

WARNING - terribly boring story ahead - not really worthy of a blog, but too damn long for Facebook

I'm turning into a right TV junkie, planning my evening's viewing every afternoon. Watching far too much crap and every quiz show under the sun (in the misguided hope that I'll learn something; gloating when I get more questions right than the contestant).
I'm still reserving my afternoons for listening to the radio, so maybe I'm a radio addict as well. Mornings? They're just too action packed to watch or listen to anything. You know the sort of thing - medications, obs (I know the medical lingo, I learnt it watching Casualty), doctor's rounds, bed bath, change sheets, and much much more. Strangely, the NHS can afford to give us clean sheets every single day, which must cost quite a lot when you add up the laundry costs of the 350 patients in this hospital.

But I'm ashamed to confess to inwardly cursing various poor unsuspecting family members or friends who dare to visit me during one of 'my programmes'! They've taken an hour and a half driving up here to see me (often in rush hour and then on dark unfamiliar country roads), brought me fresh food and the odd sweet treat and what do I do? I'll tell you - I silently sigh. I do, I silently sigh.
How utterley ungrateful is that? I'd go so far as to say reprehensible.

Don't get me wrong, I love them all and treasure their visits to keep me sane (and fed), but really, how very inconsiderate to come right in the middle of Masterchef, One Born Every Minute, Room 101 or whatever I happen to be watching.

Hello lovely people, don't you have a TV guide? Couldn't you come during Match of the Day or Alan Titchmarsh something or other.
Only kidding (ish)- you're all keeping me sane in this hell hole.

So on tonight's menu:
Egypt - Children of the Revolution
Safari Vet School (I'll watch anything with ponies, puppies or panthers)
Room 101 (annoyingly clashing with Mastermind - no recording facilities here). I'm rather fond of this totally pointless programme and loved the one the other week with Danny Baker. Tonight it's Alice Cooper, Chris Tarrant and Chris Packham. Hmmm, could be good. Or not.
Law and Order: UK
Eastenders (sorry Tiff),
Graham Norton
Chris Moyles Quiz Show on 4+1 (clashes with Graham Norton)

That takes me from 7pm to 12.30am when I'll try and get to sleep listening to a nice mellow playlist.

Oops, must go now, I've already missed the start of my first programme.
By the way, if you're thinking of visiting, can I remind you that I'm busy till past midnight!

Told you I've become a TV junkie.